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Real estate is an attractive long-term asset with strong historical returns. The GSH Group provides investors who want to own real estate with a Concierge approach to investment. Investors can expect a smooth and straightforward investment experience. The GSH Group sources real estate deals and executes a comprehensive business strategy for every acquired asset, We do all the heavy lifting, our investors reap the rewards.



Trust is paramount and GSH prides itself on providing our investors with absolute transparency, consistent communication, integrity and most importantly, consistent annual returns.


We have chosen a niche investment market with long-term viability that is typically less affected by economic cycles. We have created a winning blueprint for each community based on our experience with risk-adjusted and above average returns. All based on our over 40 years of combined experience management of over 10,000 properties.

Social Impact

 We provide a high level of service and quality of life for the residents of each property we own under our signature Meadows brand.

Our Philosophy

Creating a long-term portfolio of quality, affordable multifamily communities situated in municipalities that offer economic viability, access to jobs, commercial hubs, and quality school districts. Through these assets, GSH generates consistent returns for investors and builds long-term value. We believe in offering quality housing at affordable rates in markets that will continue to provide for long-term primary consumer demand. We offer great service to our community members (residents) and absolute transparency to our investors.